Hello, dear visitor!

I’m glad that you’ve chosen to visit my blog and hope that you’ll have great time reading my technical and other kind of articles. Also it will be pleasure for me to get any feedback on the posts of this blog as well as communicating with anyone who is interested of technical, programming and problem solving stuff and willing to get and share experience.

More about me:

My name is Angel Petkov. I have graduated Technical University of Sofia and I have been working for a Bulgarian software company as a Test Engineer for four years. Currently, I am attending Developer Support courses at another software company – Telerik (as well as C# and .NET courses which were completed few weeks ago). The reason for this is that I want to develop myself and grow my programming and problem solving skills and this courses are very good place for this. This blog is a part of my education and it’s purpose is to share with you any technical articles that I consider will be interesting and useful for you. So have a great time reading the articles and do not hesitate to give any feedback!


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